Case Study:  Vault Transport Clamping System

Our client, LA transit authority, informed us a driver got into a traffic accident while transporting a truck full of Genfare mobile safes with the vaults.  The entire truck rolled over with some soft tissue injury to the driver and damaging the truck with the contents.

Partnering with end-users, engineering team, management, and armored vehicle manufacturers, Southern AM Engineering staff had in-depth discussions with the cross-functional team, as well as reviewed the inside condition of the trucks and any safety mechanisms to secure the safes and vaults. As a result of this assessment, a clamping system was designed to secure the mobile safes and minimize the movement inside the truck and thereby give the driver the control to safely drive while transporting the mobile safes and vaults from one destination to the next.


Improved Occupation Health & Safety:

  • Since very low forces are required to open and close the clamps compared to the existing ties that required a lot of force that can cause muscular injury to the operator this clamp system reduces the risk of injury.
  • The operator is not required to bend or twist the clamp since all levers are high enough for easy reach.
  • The canvas belt tie system used the side walls of the truck for anchoring resulting in the mobile safes moving inside the truck while being transported. The clamp system is welded/bolted to the floor of the truck which itself is welded to the chassis of the truck, eliminating this weakness thereby increasing safety.

Increase Operational Efficiency :

  • Easier to clamp and unclamp the mobile safe versus the existing belt tie system.
  • Durability of the clamp since it is built from steel material that withstands very high forces of tension and compression compared to the existing ties that kept on breaking and becoming loose due to frequent wear and tear
  • Reusability of the clamp system since it can be removed and installed in other truck of the same dimensions when required.

 Increased Equipment Life:

  • Rubber rollers are utilized to guide the mobile safe to eliminate damage during entry and exit to the clamp compartment.
  • The mobile safes will be secured against damage and collision from each other due to the existence of the compartment hence they do not actually touch each other.
  • Clamping is achieved in two places by the door and upper lid so the movement due to traveling and bouncing is zero, therefore the mobile safe will not move unless it is required to move intentionally by the operator, therefore, reduce service to the safes.

 Ongoing Operational  Enhancement:

  • Clamp system can be fitted upon request to receive full monitoring electronics to inform management of real time information of clamp status location, pictures, mobile safe number,  etc. 

Armored Vehicle with Clamp System for Genfare Mobile Safes